Allergic Rhinitis - Overview

What is Allergic Rhinitis?

Allergic rhinitis (nasal allergy) is an inflammation of the nasal passages characterized by symptoms that include any combination of the following: sneezing, nasal congestion, nasal itching, and discharge from the nose. In short it is the condition that makes you go sneezing and gives you an itchy, runny nose with watery eyes whenever you come in contact with certain allergens. The condition is usually precipitated in sensitive individuals after exposure to dust, dander, certain seasonal pollens, etc.


There are two categories of allergic rhinitis (nasal allergy):

Seasonal: The allergy attacks occur during certain seasons, especially in pollen season.

Perennial: The allergy attacks are interspersed throughout the year.

Causes of Allergic Rhinitis.

The troublesome bout of allergic rhinitis (nasal allergy) which a lot of people dread can be triggered by a number of allergens. Allergens are substances that can induce an ‘allergic reaction’ in the body.


Some of the allergens that are common culprits in cases of allergic rhinitis (nasal allergy):

> Pollen

> Dust

> Outdoor molds

> House dust mites

> Wood dust


> Cockroaches

> Irritant triggers such as smoke, pollution, and strong smells

> Exposure to certain animals (including pets)


Apart from allergens, there are certain other factors that are responsible in the development of allergic rhinitis (nasal allergy):

Weather: Hot, dry, windy days are more likely to trigger an allergy attack (due to increased amounts of pollen in the air) as compared to cool, damp, rainy days (when most pollen is washed to the ground)

Genetics: Heredity seems to play an important role in allergic diseases. If both your parents suffer from allergic rhinitis (nasal allergy), you have almost 50% chances of developing the same. If one of your parents suffers from it, your chances of developing this stand at 30%.


Homeopathic Treatment

Healing safely, gently and surely!


At Dr. Sameer's, we have treated thousands of cases of allergic rhinitis (nasal allergy) over the last previous years and given significant relief to a large number of them. Our holistic approach at our Clinic helps them overcome their illness and lead a better quality of life.

Homeopathy indeed has the credit of relieving a large number of patients from the distress of allergic rhinitis (nasal allergy). The medication targets the body’s immune system whereby it reduces the hypersensitivity to the allergens. Over a period of time, the patient reacts less aggressively to the allergens and gradually the hypersensitivity is cured.

In one of the research studies conducted, 147 cases with respiratory allergies were evaluated and the success rate with homeopathic treatment was found to be 87.6% in these.