Know Homeopathy Better...

Dr. Samuel Hahnemann was the founding physician of homeopathy and realized a cure could be achieved without using painful treatments or heavy drugs, which often caused side effects and did not provide a permanent cure. He believed that a physician should seek to change the nature of the disease and treatments or drugs should not be used as a temporary solution or simply to suppress symptoms.

Homeopathy is the only science which believes the removal of symptoms should be permanent and only then is the patient considered cured. The removal of symptoms should be followed by restoration of health and a return to a normal condition. Earlier medical treatment was based on speculation and hypothesis but Dr. Hahnemann changed the medicine of speculation into the medicine of experience.

The word cure has a different meaning to doctors of conventional medicine and homeopathic doctors. Conventional experts prescribe treatment for symptoms which will eventually disappear and keep the patient alive.

The philosophy of homeopathy is to understand the complete person and treat disorders from the inside first and then external or physical symptoms. The cure will start from the center and proceed to the periphery, from the head downward, from within outward, from more important to less important organs, from head to hands and feet. We understand the “art of healing” and know that symptoms manifest in this direction. For example, disease or pain in the heart and chest will first recover and may be followed by manifestations on the skin and nails with hair loss or skin eruptions.